Oct. 18, Amman and Jerash

Where did yesterday go?

This really is the first day of being abroad, but it somehow took two days to get here. Everyone arrived. Off we headed to Jerash this morning, the most extraordinary and extensive Roman ruins. The hippodrome, the oval-shaped agora, theatre, temples to Zeus, Artemis, et al. Hard to capture with a wee iPhone.

This picture is of fellow traveller Jill Uris from Aspen CO at the citadel in Amman.

Amman, like Rome is built on seven hills. I find myself more interested in contemporary social life and how the Jordanians view us and the rest of the world than I do the ancients. Our group is terrific. I must end now since some of us are walking up the road to the Hotel Intercontinental for a drink before dinner. By the way, food so far is fabulous. Lunch in an airy outdoor place with overhead fans and lots of fountains. Great variety of dips and salads and grilled meat and delicious mint lemonade. Off tomorrow morning to Petra.

Election Poster

Election posters are plastered all over Amman, far more plentiful than in Toronto, also gearing up for an election (municipal) before I left. Here all campaign posters have a large colour photograph of the candidate – more like real estate signs at home. This poster is obviously encouraging citizens to vote. I confess that I theoretically could have voted at home well in advance of the election, but the trip I would have needed to make to City Hall just kept sliding down my To Do list until time ran out. First election where I have been entitled to vote in either US or Canada where I have neglected to do so.

One campaign poster. Candidates are male and female and both are in range of dress from completely western, as in this example, to fully traditional.

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