Oct. 19: Amman, Mt. Nebo, Kerak, Petra

Writing this on the last leg of journey to Petra, which we will visit tomorrow. I got up early and wandered out to see how Amman gets up in the morning. Saw street cleaners sweeping; shop keepers opening up; children with backpacks waiting for school busses; people heading off to work on foot and in cars.

Virtually all women and nearly all adolescent girls are covered. The head covering is total, including forehead and neck. Many look very fashionable but it sure does look hot and uncomfortable. A fair percentage have only their eyes exposed. I wonder if the same issue of identity ever arises here. Our wonderful guide Hassan gives perhaps an idealized presentation of both Islam and human rights in Jordan, but he is very sincere and liberal and devout. We all love him.

We have been driving through desolate desert with a narrow pallette of dusty taupe. No sand or dunes.

On the Road to Petra

Earlier we visited Mt. Nebo, the site where Moses is said to have been told by God he could see, but would not personally make it to the promised land. He died, and the rest of the Israelites he had led out of Egypt carried on without him.

We also visited a mosaic workshop and a Crusader castle.

Hoping to view great Jordanian film tonight IF DVD from Canada works in local DVD player.

While there is much that is strange and different to westerners, I remain convinced that there is far more that unites us than divides us.

In Crusader castle at Kerak.

View from Kerak Castle.

Mosaic workshop. Many physically disabled persons are trained in this ancient and very precise art.

Moses memorial at Mt. Nebo

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