Educational Travel


Educational Travel with Meaning

“To learn of the pine, go to the pine.”
~Basho, (1644-94) Japanese poet

“Just as iron rusts from disuse, even so does inaction spoil the intellect.”
~Leonardo da Vinci

To a growing number of discerning adults, the standard vacation, whether an organized sight-seeing tour or a private beach holiday, has lost its lustre. Traditional tourism has so many negative associations – clamouring crowds, gaudy shops, hawkers, long waits, and deafening noise – that many may be inclined to give up travel altogether.

But there is another approach to travel, one that appeals to the intellectually curious and spirited adventurer. Classical Pursuits is one of a multitude of small, alternative educational travel companies that believe travel should be exhilarating and enlarging. Features these groups have in common include smaller groups, a higher degree of independence, direct encounters with the local people, and pursuing themes or experiences outside one’s normal ken. The vast majority of these companies offer outdoor adventure – hiking, biking, rafting, wildlife trips. A smaller number are cultural or cerebral in orientation, often with a scholar as guide. Only a few offer literary travel.

We are the only educational travel group we know of that offers the opportunity to travel though both space and time to destinations like Lorca’s Spain, Hemingway’s Paris, Dante’s Italy or Flannery O’Connor’s Georgia to discuss great literature in the destinations in which is it set, probing what it has to say to us that is timeless and universal. This active form of educational travel generates the excitement of discovery and a depth of retention that is not possible through passive learning at the feet of an expert. Travellers return home refreshed, energized, and transformed.


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