Finally…the winners of the photo contest from Egypt.

Never has there been such fierce competition. After some Classical Pursuits trips, we have few or now entries for our contests. But even while we were in Egypt, it was clear that a handful of travellers were snapping away with visions of photographic fame dancing through their heads.

Five esteemed judges – Maxine Sidran, Diana Vasquez, Lynda Clark, David Chang, and Dorothy Crawford went through two rounds of voting. In the end, we ended up with one first prize, three second prizes and four third prizes. In fact, only the first prize winner, Victor Levin from Toronto, recieved an actual prize – a package of gifts from World Literacy of Canada. But the other prize winners, Jill Uris from Aspen Colorado, Sharon Zane from New York City, and Lise Buisson and Michael Kirkland from Toronto, all contributed extraordinary images.

Here is what David Chang had to say about Victor Levin’s winning photo. “The excavation activities at a new site in the Valley of the Kings (I think)  is an unexpected picture and tells the story of how these monuments in Egypt were exposed and are still being exposed. On top of that the picture is a difficult one to make with the dust and the back lighting.  I like it both for its subject matter and the technical quality.”

Here are the fabulous photos, in reverse order.

These four great images are awarded Third Prize.


A caravan of the motorized variety at Giza – Sharon Zane

The only rain in two weeks, at beautiful Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria – Sharon Zane

Next, here are three terrific images that are awarded Second Prize.

No Baby Bjorns or baby joggers in Egypt, just babes in arms – Jill Uris

Ann has joined the camel caravan – Michael Kirkland

Texting in the Library of Alexandria – Jill Uris

And….. First Prize goes to Victor Levin of Toronto. Victor received a collector’s item package from World Literacy Canada – Birdi Num Num, a story by Mamta Mishra, with original drawings by Prashant Miranda, Birdi stuffed toys and book bag all hand-made by women’s sewing copperatives in Varanasi, India. Published on in 2008 by Oxford University Press, to help spread hope and joy.

Excavations for new treasures continue at Valley of the Kings – Victor Levin

Hearty congratulations all around.

While we are in this part of the world, here are several two great images from Petra in Jordan.

Petra, the first amazing view of the Treasury – Ann Kirkland

Tide or Gain? Just how do they keep their whites so white? – Lise Buisson

I hope you enjoyed these. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you have just saved your eyes 10,000 words.




  1. ann henney castel says:

    Stunning photos, Ann. They brought back many fond memories of an unforgettable trip.Thanks a bunch for sending them along.

    Trust you are enjoying winter and getting out to snow shoe. Other than walking on our road we have been rather sedentary of late!

    It would be fun to get together up here soon.

    Be well.

    Warm wishes,

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. Who knew my sister Lise was so talented – I have had the pleasure of viewing ALL her photos.

  3. Cathy Wilkes says:

    I so enjoyed seeing the Egypt photos. We were there several years ago and I had a little flush of pleasure remembering…aided by the CP photo winners. Cheers, Cathy

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