GUEST BLOG – Nella Cotrupi’s 5 reasons to choose Lucretius

Here are Five of the Many Reasons Why You Should Take My Seminar on Lucretius and the Rediscovery of his Masterpiece, On the Nature of Things, as described in Greenblatt’s The SWERVE  –  How the World Became Modern:

cn_image.size.swerve-book1. Stephen Greenblatt is a very talented writer/storyteller and a courageous scholar who takes interesting risks. You will not always agree (I certainly do not), but you will learn much, question much and enjoy the reading and discussion ride.

2. You will have the opportunity to read, reflect on and discuss one of the most important and beautifully composed texts of the ancient world, On the Nature of Things, (De Rerum Natura) – a text whose core tenets remain pertinent to this day. This is a work that has influenced such pivotal thinkers as Ovid, Virgil, Machiavelli, Galileo, Giordano Bruno and so many others. Why not you too?

3. You will not be bored – these works go to the heart of some of the hottest debates in today’s intellectual world – and we will follow them there.

4. You will learn all kinds of seedy things about past pontiffs and churchmen that may make today’s Roman Catholic Church look absolutely snow white.

5. Together we will question Greenblatt’s contention that this rediscovery of Lucretius’ poem represents the birth of modernity – how so? Do we agree? How does he define modernity? – how do we?

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