GUEST POST — Gary Schoepfel thanks Ashish for the gift of India

Ashish, you have given us a great and wonder-filled gift: India

India 218_optYou have given us India’s sights:
• Palaces and mountains,
• Lakes and mighty forts,
• Tombs and gardens, elephants, Persian wells, and Punjabi suits,
• Temples and mustard fields,
• Tools to read the heavens and camels,
• A white elephant to grace the hilltop view,
• 1,444 pillars and 1,001 saris,
• Silks, wools, carpets, fabrics, jewels, and spices,
• Mosques, the city, the countryside, and sacred cows.

Ashish, you have given us India’s sounds:
• The early morning call to prayer,
• The creak of rickshaw and the tuk, tuk, tuk of the tuk-tuk,
• The chants, the bells, the drums, and one million and one beeps,
• Bird song, the squeal of children calling “A-low, A-low” to their pink tourist friends,



P1010145Ashish, you have given us a glimpse at India’s people:
• Their humor, their beauty,
• Their toothless smiles,
• Their dark almond eyes,
• Their waves of welcome,
• Their acceptance, their persistence,
• We’ve walked near three Ghandis,
• We’ve talked with Professor Jain,
• We’ve wrestled with Rushdie.
Ashish, you have given us a great and wonder-filled gift: India.
But you have also given us the gifts of your professional dedication, your care, and your friendship.

For all of this we say “thank you.”

For all of this we say “namaste”!


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