INDIA – I’d love to go, but is it safe?

I hear this often. I wanted to provide a reliable response, so I went to Lewie Gonsalves, President of Worldwide Quest and native of India. Here is what he said.

“I have been leading trips to India for the past 35 years and regularly return to this exciting destination. Despite travel warnings, each year millions of travellers visit India for both business and pleasure. In the recent past, I have personally led trips for the Royal Ontario Museum, The Ontario Bar Association to name a few. Also, in January 2012, the ROM is once again travelling to North India.

We have our own operational office in India and safety is our highest priority. You will be travelling as a group,  staying at luxury hotels with excellent security and excursions have been carefully planned.

India is no more dangerous to visit than many other places in the world including New York, London and Spain.

Statistically, it is safer that a drive home on the 401 (a major highway in Toronto).

We look forward to having you join us in India.”

I feel eager and confident. I hope you will join Nora Palmieri, our first-rate discussion leader, and me. Please contact me with any questions at or 1-877-633-2555.


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