Learning Vacations


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

Do you ever finish a difficult book or leave a concert or museum wishing you had someone to talk with about what it had to say? Would you like to retreat for a while from the worrying headlines and hurly-burly of daily life to throw yourself into a good book, great art, or fine music?

Classical Pursuits offers a variety of learning vacations for adults from all over North America to share their ideas about great works of literature, art, and music in a relaxed and informal setting.

Whether in Toronto, Siena, or Paris, our days are made up of a combination of

· animated discussion in small seminars guided by a skilled leader,
· a broad array of cultural and recreational activities, and
· ample opportunity to read, reflect, and linger over a good meal and conversation.

Because Classical Pursuits operates in the “slow zone,” camaraderie develops easily and lasting friendships form. And you get to explore someplace new – even if it is your own hometown.

We believe that a true learning vacation exposes you to new experiences and ideas and leaves you a bit (or maybe even a lot) changed.

We have a variety of learning vacations on offer in 2018, with destinations ranging from WWI France to San Francisco to Colombia. All Classical Pursuits trips operate through our travel partner Worldwide Quest (TICO Reg: #2667946).