Nov. 1: Alexandria to Cairo

Here is the Last Breakfast all of us will be together – from our hotel terrace in Alexandria. The potential for Egypt can be seen everywhere, but the probability and even the possibilities seem somewhat dismal.

breakfast on the terrace

Here along the corniche of this beautiful bay are crumbling buildings. The size and scale suit the setting perfectly, but without a serious investment in restoration the will simply fall down and this architectural heritage will be lost.

And buildings pale compared to people. The Egyptians we have met in either a service or personal capacity have bee unfailingly kind and gone out of their way to be hospitable. Yet we know that this is a society with a thin stratum of the very rich and then everyone else for whom making a living, getting a good education, finding just redress for legitimate grievances is a terrible grind. Hope is hard to find. And yet…the human spirit is capable of miracles.

We ended our day back in Cairo meeting with three extraordinary university students. I will report on this tomorrow as I would like to catch a few winks before heading to the airport and home.

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