Oct. 22: Cairo

A great day at Giza. Why is it so hard to find words to describe the Cairo experience? It is sensory overload in the best way. Brimming with life and contradictions. How many images have I seen of the pyramids and the sphinx? And why is it that being face to face with these mammoth structures is altogether different, stopping you dead in your tracks?


Had our first discussion of Palace Walk. So curious how both culturally particular and timeless the themes are.

Riding a camel is harder than it looks. Very bumpy ride.

The streets are humming with activity. Crossing the street is a feat of faith. Virtually no traffic lights in this city of 16 million. The continuous honking of horns and periodic call to prayer have replaced the sounds of the camino – cow bells, morning song birds, wind in the trees, and the rhythm of walking sticks and feet. How rich the world is.

Lots of Egyptians at Giza.

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