Oct 25: Luxor

Yesterday ended with an animated debate about the nature of Ahmed, the patriarch of the family in Palace Walk, followed by an impromptu party in the hall.

An early morning flight over the desert to Luxor landed us at the Temple of Karnak by 8:30 am.

The desert from the air.

This is the site of ancient Thebes.

A bit of show and tell….

This is Ramses II from the Temple of Luxor.

We went in the early evening when it was cooler and the setting sun cast a warm and dramatic light on the monuments. Hearing the haunting call to prayer from a mosque built on top of a temple wall was an unlikely link from one Egypt to another.

Mosque built on top of wall in Temple of Luxor.

The universal and omnipresent cell phone. And the traditional male dress. Tried to buy one for myself but all too big.

A more jarring discontinuity is between the European luxury of our elegant little cruise boat with its crystal chandeliers and bars and bare-armed passengers and the locals – women fully covered, men in long robes called galibeyas and turbans, getting around on foot or on donkeys. Can’t help but feeling like a conspicuous over-consumer.

Yikes! This is our home for the next four days for our cruise of the Nile.

Will shoot around the boat tomorrow. Off to bed. Another early start tomorrow.

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