Oct 31: Alexandria

A day full of many treasures, the consummate of which was undoubtably The New Library in Alexandria. The fact that this marvelous structure and its amazing contents and Programs ever happened it nothing short of miraculous. Encourage readers to have a good look at www.bibalex.org and really poke around. It is extraordinary what is going on here.

The New Library in Alexandria

It is late and I am tired, but I want to say that I so much want Egypt to be able to realize it’s own highest aspirations.  I see people who are so kind, so eager to please, work so hard, embody so much dignity. I feel this about every place I go, but right now it is about Egypt. The challenges, political and economic seem overwhelming even as the human spirit Keeps me ever optimistic. I will forever feel identified with the future of Egypt.

As I hear that some presumed terrorist activity has created an international alert as we all prepare to make our way home, I guess I share the simple sentiment of Rodney King, “Why can’t we all get along”?

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