Online Seminars and Book Discussions

Online seminars

Our high-quality seminars are everything you love about learning with Classical Pursuits — consistent focus on the text, emphasis on exploring meaning together, and a leader who asks questions to get you thinking — in virtual form. Online or in person, we invite you to be part of a convivial community that gathers to read, watch, listen to and discuss compelling literature, art, music and film. Study works that move, provoke, unsettle and inspire. Wrestle with questions and ideas that matter.

The only prerequisites are to read before you arrive and come with an open mind. Click here for more tips on preparing for seminar discussion.

Check back frequently for new seminar listings. See individual seminars for dates and prices.

Herodotus and History: Telling Stories About the Past
September 22
Bold, Brilliant Broads: American Women of Letters, Part II
September 27
Homer's Iliad
October 3
Franz Kafka's The Trial
October 4
Homer's Iliad
October 8
The Stranger and The Meursault Investigation
October 19
Bold, Brilliant Broads: Portraits and Personhood
October 24
Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America
October 26
One Hundred Years of Solitude and the Psychedelic Family
November 4
Shakespeare’s Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream
November 8
The Red and the Black
November 9
Bold, Brilliant Broads: The Poets
November 15
Victorian Christmas Ghosts
November 24
Homer's Odyssey
January 4


Webinars: Thursdays at 2 p.m. Eastern | Free!

Explore a range of topics with our free webinars, from the gardens and painting of Monet to Gold Rush San Francisco to urban planning. Even if you can’t attend, register to receive the recording. NB: We’re on summer break right now, and will resume webinars on September 17.


Thinking Space, Drinking Space: Café Culture in Paris
September 24
Armchair Art Tours: Into Lawren Harris\\'s Wild World
October 8
Armchair Art Tours: John James Audubon
October 15
Armchair Art Tours: Henri Rousseau
October 22
Everyday Beauty: Japanese Art and Culture with Sean Forester
October 29
Canadian Literature of World War I
Date TBA



Friday Flash Fiction | Fridays at 5 p.m Eastern | Free!

Join Classical Pursuits director Melanie Blake for a one-hour discussion of a classic or contemporary short story, with a selection that changes weekly. Explore a range of authors and genres. All stories will be freely accessible online. Bring your favourite drink and enjoy chatting with other readers.

How to join Friday Flash Fiction: Email Melanie to RSVP if you do not already have the recurring Zoom link

See previous weeks’ readings on our archives page.


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