Culture and Nature Discovery Walk: July 2018

Rarely does one get an opportunity to learn about a culture through activating all their senses. On this fully experiential learning journey you will see, smell, hear, touch and taste Ontario’s Indigenous culture. This award-winning hike down the breathtaking Humber River Valley will take you to the birthplace of Toronto. You will learn about the medicinal plants that have kept the culture healthy and thriving for thousands of years, participate in a traditional purification ceremony, taste and smell their traditional food and drink, hear their music and participate in an Indigenous music lesson, learn about their oral history through story-telling and core teachings that have grounded them as a people. Finally, you will leave the trail with a greater understanding if what life was like for these people before colonialism and gain the tools and knowledge you need to incorporate their teachings into your own life for greater well-being, happiness, and success.

This journey is 4.5 kilometers in total, set at a leisurely pace, providing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a wide variety of plants, birds and wildlife and move through varied terrain, crossing four distinct ecological zones. This Discovery Walk is perfect for participants with moderate mobility who are knowledge-seekers, nature lovers, and have an interest in exploring the wisdom of an ancient people for a deeper understanding of oneself.

When: Tuesday, July 17, 2018, from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., plus transit time

Where: The walk starts at Old Mill subway station and ends at Lake Ontario. Public transit is accessible at the walk end point to the subway by bus or to the downtown core by streetcar. A Classical Pursuits representative will accompany the group from Old Vic to Old Mill, on the walk, and back to Old Vic via public transit following the walk.

Tickets: C$95 + HST for adults; C$85 + HST for seniors 65 and older. Transit costs are not included and are the responsibility of participants. For information on getting transit fare, see the Toronto Transit Commission.

Please wear sensible walking shoes and bring water, a hat, sunscreen, and transit or taxi fare. Please purchase tickets directly from the Redwing Institute, using the link below. All tickets are nonrefundable and nonexchangeable.

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