Taking my soul for a stroll – My Camino Chronicle

A surprising number of people chose to be armchair fellow travellers as I walked the Camino de Santiago last summer/fall. I posted daily accounts of my physical and interior travels and along with some photos on Facebook. I have now reassembled those day by day notes along with the comments of followers in to an easy to read single document. If you missed it then or wish to revisit my most amazing experience, just click here.


  1. Keith McDuffie

    I just revisited your Camino Chronicle and was again impressed by your great adventure and accomplishment. So once again, mi enhorabuena, my congratulations!

  2. Hi Ann, I loved reading your Camino journey – this has long been a bucket list item for me and my 50th birthday is only 3 short years off! In the meantime I was thinking that I could creat a virtual Camino as a thought pilgrimage at Hospice that I could share with colleagues and volunteers. Call you soon to see if I can entice you to Guelph to share your story in person 🙂

  3. Frances Phillips

    Wonderful to revisit the Camino through your blog.

    The confluence of cultures and unsurpassing beauty along the Way still feed my soul 15 years on. Whether religious, personal or recreational, the rationale for striking out along the Camino is all about exploring one form of spiritualilty or another.

    I’m now planning to do the northern seabord route in spring, when the wild flowers will be in full bloom. Though concerned it might lack the ‘soul’ of the more popular route.

    Any experiences or suggestions welcome. Particularly with regards to safety as have yet to find a walking partner my age (66) able to handle the distance. Speaking Spanish will help, but always useful to plan these epic adventures with care.
    Muchisimas gracias, Frances

  4. Don Ouellet

    I did the walk started in may and finish at the beginning if july and what can I say: WOW. I have started at Le PuyEn Velay in France and I will do it again for sure. The camino get into tour soul with all the beautiful thing that we see and the people that we meet. The camino in France is harder then in Spain but the view is out if this world. Ok there is less pilgrams but you walk in a bubble. Some chiness call me “Don in the bubble”. I was so in myself that I could not see the others. I woke up in july. That is “the way” .

  5. This message is to both Don Ouellet and Frances Phillips. Given your Rogers email address, I conclude you are both in Canada. Don, I would love to talk to you about your Chemin en France. I started in St. Jean, so my time in France was brief, but I did get wonderful reports from others who had started at various points in France. For Frances, I envy your your plan to walk the northern route this spring. I am exactly your age and would not hestitate to go. I do know someone in Toronto, of our vintage who walked the northern route, a couple years ago. Let me know if you would like to talk to her. You can also contact Alex Chang at Fresco Tours in Spain – 1-866-698-7563. He may have small groups on the northern route. Buen Camino.

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