TRAVEL PURSUITS – Ah, Beautiful Budapest

Budapest, by Daniel Brooks

Yes, Hungary is brimming with music, from the concert halls to the clubs and cafes, to parks and  streets. And is also known for its hearty and mouth-watering gastronomy. But perhaps you are less familiar with the physical beauty of Budapest and surroundings.

Friend Daniel Brooks recently took early retirement from an esteemd career as Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Univesity of Toronto to pursue his extraordinary gift for photography. He  is spending the year in Budapest. We look forward to teaming up with him in October and seeing the city through his finely-attuned eyes.

Dan sent me a note about a current showof his work that just opened in Budapest. The exquisite photos are accompanied with short verse poems penned by a fello North American resident in Budapest. We hope he will resurrect the show for us when we are there.

Sit back and enjoy Hungarian Landscapes.

We have a few  spaces remaining in Sachertorte and Paprikash: Musical meanderings along the Blue Danube. Inquire about the amazing assortment of performances we’ve lined up in Vienna and Budapest, all of which will be enhanced by  talks and discussions with our very great leader, Rick Phillips. I will be in Germany, but Laurielle Penny, at Worldwide Quest, would be happy to hear from you. You can reach her at 1.800.387.1483.



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