TRAVEL PURSUITS – India, Poverty, and the Fear of Travelling to Poor Places

We are rapidly approaching the deadline for booking the Classical Pursuits trip to North India, CONFOUNDED & BEWITCHED: The Strange Rise of Modern India, February 24 – March 11, 2012. I have heard from some of our friends that they feel a bit apprehensive about traveling to someplace so far and so foreign.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Mariellen Ward, a veteran solo traveler to India. She first went by herself for six months as a way to alleviate the suffering following a series of personal tragedies. And it worked. Mariellen has been back many times since and has turned her avocation into her vocation, helping others discover and travel safely in the country she loves.

Among the many things Mariellen loves about India is the feast it provides for the five senses. The only one transmissible by email is sight. Here are a couple pakoras. You can find a thali of photos on her fabulous website, Breathe Dream Go: Tales of Travel and Transformation.

Jaisalmer, the golden desert city of Rajasthan - Photo by Andrew Adams of Katha Images

Mariellen Ward has written extensively on all aspects of India – from the very most practical to the cultural to the esoteric. I have chosen her piece on the fear of travel to poor places, because I think it provides a valuable perspective for many would-be travelers, not only to India but to any place where one encounters a life so different from their own.

And as always, please contact me at or 1.877.633.2555 if you have questions, comments or concerns. Our deadline for booking this adventure for you is November 30, 2011.

India, Poverty, and the Fear of Traveling to Poor PlacesBy Mariellen Ward as it appeared in Matador Abroad on January 12, 2010

Man and boy - Photo by Mariellen Ward

The first time I flew to India, I remember peering out into the midnight blackness as we descended into the Delhi airport. All I could see were random groupings of flickering yellow lights on the ground far below, and I realized I had no idea what to expect. It was my “holy shit” moment. There was no turning back. Read more…




  1. dorene Millian says:

    Hello Ann
    I would love to join your group in February to India
    I need a roommate, male or female though.
    Please keep in touch, thankyou

  2. Hello Dorlene,
    I am delighted! And I am sure we can find you a roomomate. I will have someone from Worldwide Quest (my travel partner) give you a call. And we will get together in Toronto with Mariellen Ward, the local India expert, sometime soon. Ann

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