Why is India different from all other countries?

Andrew Ignatieff is a world traveller but is NOT world weary. Andrew has worked for many years in international development in all corners of the globe. But one place he had never been was India. India called to Andrew and he went. He has been back six times and become deeply involved in the work of World Literacy Canada in that country. I invited Andrew to tell me why he finds India so different and why he feels compelled to keep going back.

Andrew’s enthusiasm is infectious. I am steeping myself in things Indian, knowing full well, that the country is not a place you really make sense of. Tonight I will be watching an Indian film with friends. Haven’t yet decided if it will be Monsoon Wedding, Earth, or English August.

Please join Nora Palmieri and me for The Real Thing — The Muddle and Mystery of India: The Strange Rise of Modern India, February 25 – March 13, 2011.

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