ANN’S MUSINGS — Vladimir Nabokov agrees with me that rereading is the best kind

lecturesonliteratureMy most pleasurable reading is invariably returning to a beloved novel, poem, essay, or story for another visit. It is then I often discover details or information or an exquisite turn of phrase that eluded me during an earlier encounter. Sometimes, it is an entirely different book – like reading Anna Karenina in my twenties, and then again in my forties, and still again twenty years later. There is the excited rediscovery and re-experience of a book that had slipped from the front shelf of my mind. Or having an Aha moment when I think I’ve gained a new insight into the author’s intention.

“A good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader is a rereader.” 

–Vladimir Nabokov

I find it’s the same with great art, music, film, a cathedral, or a favourite country glen. It takes time, patience, attentiveness and repeated exposure to know and appreciate a masterpiece.

You may enjoy a little piece passed along by the able Lisa Nabieszko, who posts my blatherings here when I am on the road. Vladimir Nabokov on What Makes a Good Reader.

Other readers and I would be interested in hearing your experience with rereading. You may leave a comment below.




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