TRAVEL PURSUITS – Award-winning photos from the Camino and Vietnam/Cambodia

Drum roll please….

Let’s hear a big round of applause for Betty Duggan, Merlene McAlevy and Victor Levin (yes, Victor, again.)


Lorna and Jason on Camino, by Betty Duggan_med

Betty Duggan took this photo in a small Galician village, several days outside of Santiago de Compostela. Lorna Romilly takes a break with our terrific guide, Jason Preater, of Asturias, Spain. Jason is an art and architectural historian, a great logician, and makes a mean picnic. Behind Jason is an horreo, a traditional granary elevated to protect from rats and rain.


Our judge hemmed and hawed and finally declared a tie.

Siem Reap by Merlene McAlevy med

Merlene McAlevy of Houston TX captured the magic and mystery of the Angkor temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We were outside a smaller temple complex and passed a still pond with three dragon boats anchored there. I have heard this colour described as “indolent green.”

Mekong by Victor Levin med

Victor Levin has won too many photo contests to mention. He has a wonderful eye for capturing local people going about their daily lives. Of the many shots he took along the Mekong River, here is one fishermen tending their nets. Watching them at work, you can see how unconsciously competent they are. It is like watching a ballet.

Kudos all around, and thanks to everyone who submitted photos.

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