GUEST BLOG: Actors Need Not Apply

submitted by Kathryn Bloom, Boston

The first day of Classical Pursuits is always a bit of a homecoming for me.  I’ve been a participant since the very first year, and it’s always wonderful to catch up with old friends and talk to the first-timers who are here.

Surprising for someone who’s been involved for so long, I’ve never had a seminar with Gary Schoepfel before and am excited to be in his workshop “Actors Need Not Apply,” a course in acting for novices like myself.

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Gary Schoepfel

Today was so interesting.  Gary had us thinking about what a play really is, what distinguishes a play from a novel, and how to find multiple levels of interpretation in a character and situation.

The group came together quickly and people’s diverse interpretations really helped me gain greater insight into the play we were studying (John Patrick Shanley’s “Doubt”).  It’s nice to be back on a college campus, especially without curfew or final exams!

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  1. In Rick Phillips’Concerto class, we were all not just listening to music but hearing very hard. Can’t do too much of that, I think – its like stretch exercises for the ballet. Our mentor made the discussions fun as we struggled to identify what we were hearing. Everyone responded. Its work – you have to focus – but richly rewarding.
    I’m looking forward to more music next summer, and have marked my calendar! And to my favorite people – Torontonians!

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