Thoughts from Day Two of Toronto Pursuits 2014

Another wonderful day at Toronto Pursuits! Tonight we had a great dinner (after an amazing Indian lunch). We spent some time looking at all of the places you can go with Classical Pursuits and heard from travelers and tour leaders about the unique experiences offered by these one-of-a-kind trips. Previous attendees shared the inspiring connection to travel and culture that one makes when traveling with Classical Pursuits. Hear from some of this year’s Toronto Pursuits attendees below.  

“I can’t thank you enough for one of the ‘richest’ Mondays I have ever experienced. If it all ended right now I feel I have greatly benefited from signing up for this week and I’ve already decided that as long as I can I’ll attend EVERY year. Well done, Ann.”

“I am ecstatic, I am learning so much. I love my course. Impressionism in Music – after doing six years of literature – I was concerned I would miss reading . But hearing everyone’s impressions rounds out the music.”

“I have been back to Classical Pursuits for 6 years and I love Ian Scott – it’s new every time. Before taking his course I was intimidated by Opera, but then I started to attend performances on my own and it has enriched my appreciation of the art.”


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