A Milestone at Classical Pursuits: Reflections from Ann

Ann in Quebec City

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to talk of many things…”

And so it has.

It is now official. The Marvelous Ms. Melanie Blake is the bona fide owner of Classical Pursuits. Most of you will have assumed this has long been the case, and, apart from some tedious paperwork, in practice, it has been.

I may not be wearing my trousers rolled and I still love a good peach, but I realized five or more years ago that the time had come for me to plan for my succession. Naturally, I looked locally but found no one suitable. As luck would have it, the right person lived in a different country and on a different coast. I met Melanie through a mutual connection, and, although we did not speak of it during that first dinner in Toronto, a glimmer of a vision was born that evening. As we got to know one another better and Melanie expressed serious interest in Classical Pursuits, a plan was conceived. It has been incubated over a several years.

And now it is formally hatched. You, our loyal friends, already know you are in good hands — that Melanie is exceptionally capable, nimble, smart, warm, well-read, thoughtful, adventurous and most kind.

I want to thank the many people with whom I have shared books, conversation, meals, and travel. I have made many treasured friends. Know that I will not be retreating down a rabbit hole. I am currently leading a trip to Quebec City, will turn up on Classical Pursuits webinars and online seminars, and intend to take part in Toronto Pursuits this coming July.

I wish Melanie and you all good things as Classical Pursuits moves into its third decade.

Let the good times roll!


Ann Kirkland, founder of Classical Pursuits

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