CLASSICAL TRIVIA! Literary Villains

As literature PhD candidate Adam Burgess notes, “One of the best parts about reading classic literature is discovering, and often falling in love with, great characters. Talented writers have the ability to craft characters in such a way as to make us, the readers, imagine we could know these people in real life.

The understandably typical reaction for readers is to identify with those wonderful, lovable characters, like Huck Finn and Elizabeth Bennet, who may be flawed but still, overall, noble, kind, caring, and generally laudable. But what of those characters who get our blood boiling? The evil villains, the slithery antagonists without whom many great works of classic literature would be nothing?”

Click to find out who some of these dastardly fellows (or gals) are. Maybe you have some of your own favourites. Write and let us know who they are, either on the blog, on our Facebook page, or on our new Twitter account, @ClassicPursuits!

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