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One of the things that makes me cringe here is the number of water bottles each of us consumes each day. We are cautioned to be mightily wary of the water, keeping our mouth clamped shut in the shower and using bottled water for drinking and toothbrushing.

We have run across many water brands, but the Himalayan brand, a product of the Tata car company, appears to be the beneficiary of cutting edge branding consultation. Each bottle has a special slogan that tries to appease Western guilt with a touch of humour suggesting that both Tata and the consumer know it’s a big ruse.

Here is what my current bottle has on its label.

“I look back on life–it’s funny how things turn out. You, the creator of beeping sirens and honking cars, yearn for the solitude of the mountains. You, a connoisseur of fast food, now gaze at water that took years to gather natural minerals as it trickles down from the Himalayas to within our reach. And I,m some of the purest water in the world, stand here, trapped in a bottle. Come, enjoy the irony.”


Just one of  endless ironies.


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