Classical Pursuits Tour FAQs

Many tours are built around an expert giving a series of talks. Classical Pursuits gives you, our travellers, a much bigger role in the experience. A core part of a Classical Pursuits tour are seminars where we discuss compelling works of literature and art, which participants have read or studied in advance. These seminars complement the museum or site visits and guided walks that give each tour a unified theme and a thread of inquiry to follow throughout the trip.

Most of our travellers are from Canada and the United States. Some are retired and some are still working. They range in age from 25 to 80, with most clustering between 45 and 70. Many have travelled with us and/or Worldwide Quest before. Overall, they are curious, congenial, and like to read and talk about what they have read.

Yes! We regularly welcome solo travellers on our tours. Tours are a mix of solo travellers, couples and friends. For almost all independent meals, your leader invites anyone who would like to eat together to meet in a local restaurant.

Groups range from 12 to 18 travellers.

We try keep things flexible and plan an unscheduled morning, afternoon, or evening each day. Participants are free to go off on their own or in small groups at their leisure.

No, and that’s a good thing!

We seek a deeper understanding of the books and art we are studying, and their connection to the place. Discussions are collaborative, and we build on each other’s ideas. The main role of the leader is to ask questions to get you thinking. We do ask you to complete the reading in advance, but this is for your personal enrichment and pleasure. One some trips, seminar discussions include presentations by the leader or local guide to provide richer context.

Definitely not. We have travellers of all backgrounds and professions. Some have done formal studies in literature and related humanities fields, or have worked in education, but most have not. You do not need any prior knowledge for any of our tours.

We ship the books and our custom guidebook to you once the trip is confirmed, approximately 3 months before departure.

We also support you with questions that can help you focus your reading, optional materials for greater context, and discussion guides that help both new and returning travellers get the most out of the seminars.

We are occasionally asked why you would want to “waste” your precious time away sitting in a room discussing a book, something you could do at home in your living room. The answer is easy. Anyone who has spent a long day seeing the sights, walking the streets, touring the museums, churches, and monuments knows how physically and emotionally exhausting it can be. When we travel, all our senses are acutely awakened. But we can only absorb so much of one thing at a time. Having a break in the day when you give your feet and eyes a rest is necessary. Instead of flopping on the bed and listening to CNN, you have the opportunity to sit comfortably with a small group of fellow travelers and discuss the meaning of it all — how the book you have read and what you have seen and heard helps you interpret your experience.

Classical Pursuits develops the themes, selects the readings, and helps shape the itinerary. All our tours operate under the umbrella of Worldwide Quest, a full-service tour operator that is registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (Reg: #2667946). Worldwide Quest arranges the logistics for each trip to complement our literary theme. They handle all trip bookings and insurance. They are also an accredited agent of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Most trips have two leaders: The Classical Pursuits trip host and discussion leader, and the local guide (or guides, for some multi-destination trips). We sometimes have specialized museum or walking guides. And we often bring in local members of the community for informal talks and presentations. Each leader is selected for their leadership and travel experience, and collegiality.

Classical Pursuits has learned through experience that many travelers are not interested in group flights. First, they come from all over North America and do not wish to find their way to designated departure points. Further, many wish to extend their stay, either at the beginning or the end. And, of course, there are the proverbial points or miles people wish to use. For all of these reasons, we do not offer group flights. But Worldwide Quest is happy to help you book your flight from wherever you live for the dates you prefer.

For further information contact us at 647-846-3422 or 1-844-378-2869, or email To register for a trip, please contact Worldwide Quest at 1-800-387-1483.