Oct. 26: Luxor/Thebes and traveling south on the Nile

Photography was prohibited in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, so no way to share the jaw-dropping beauty and sophistication of the wall paintings. This pic os of our esteemed discussion leader David Schmitt taking a moment to limber up before the next climb.

David Schmitt

It is hot and dusty around the sites. But no coffee table book or National Geographic can begin to capture the powerful impact of being here.

First of two discussions of The Yacoubian Building. So many parallels to Palace Walk. I can never get over the added depth I find from being in a place where our readings are set. Both my experience of the place and my understanding of the book are heightened.

The views of rural Egyptian life as we glide south along the Nile. Also amazing to see above (when flying in) the thin strip of fertile land in the vast desert.

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  1. Craig Walley says:

    That’s the David Schmitt I know! Limbering up? Right.

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