Oct. 29: Aswan

Briefly, because we leave very wary tomorrow for Alexandria….Temple at Philae dedicated to Isis, the Aswan High Dam, a papyrus gallery and transfer from lovely boat to equally lovely hotel on Elephant Island.

The northern border of the Sahara Desert, taken from wonderful late afternoon ride on felucca (traditional Egyptian sail boat).

We are all happily tired and decided to postpone our last book discussion in favour of a drink in the hotel’s rooftop bar with a magnificent view is the Nile, the desert and the lights and minarets of Aswan.

The Egyptians are extraordinarily well organized for tourism. Hard to imagine how the precise coordination took place before the cell phone and computer. Here is the Nubian skipper our felucca perhaps checking on landing space for us in Kitchener’ Island. Kitchener was an English general and high commissioner and founder of this garden before he fell during WWI.

On the felucca

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